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Knowledge and the effort expended to acquire it, is a very powerful source of energy in life. More so than most people, I will always attest to that. Anyway, as you saw in the “About” my blog and Hello World the depth of what I am interested in, is second only to the desire I have for the information. It creates its own challenges as well, with so many sources sometimes it is difficult to accept so many conflicting issues. This challenge is what has driven my desire for knowledge. When I went through school the teachers I had only spurred on my curiosity with their teaching styles it generated the want to know more I was fortunate enough to have a number of them perceptive enough to see that I had the desire and today I feel like I still have way too much to learn. That is why I have so little patience for people who beak off about something and they have such little understanding of what they are talking about.

Open letter to PM Trudeau

A very good read: Source: Open letter to PM Trudeau Advertisements

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What is a Kafir? The Confusion in English Regarding the Quranic Use of the Word ‘Kafir’

Originally posted on Abdullah al Andalusi:
One of the common confusions regarding the understanding of Islam in the English language, is namely the use of the Arabic word ‘Kafir’. The problem has arisen because some Muslims and (most) non-Muslims lack…

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The silencing of the white men of the West! – Blogs

Sadly, political correctness afflicts much of the world; in particular the Western world. At its inception in the counterculture of the sixties and beyond it was a force for good. It moved us to examine our hatreds, prejudices, values and … Continue reading

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So Much For Fair Government in Canada

{But Dominic LeBlanc, the Liberal House Leader, told CTV’s Question Period on Sunday that “our plan is not to have a national referendum. Our plan is to use Parliament to consult Canadians. That has always been our plan and I … Continue reading

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Setting The Record Straight

While in a conversation on twitter I was shocked that someone would attack you directly without even knowing who you are … LOL SILLY ME! This is just 3 quotes. ~*#Islamiphobia is fiction. It’s not an “irrational fear” when you … Continue reading

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Why Is Omar Khadr Still Imprisoned? Because They Can

Originally posted on Heather Marsh:
Transcription of interview with Heather Marsh of Free Omar Khadr Now and Canadian Glen on January 14, 2015. ? Glen: Good evening. Welcome to The View Up Here. I am your host, Canadian Glen and it…

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Residential schools an ugly truth: Murray Sinclair

MB. Chief Justice Murray Sinclair’s T & R report was an awesome endeavour. Assembly of !st Nations, National Chief Perry Bellegarde spoke on the CBC National June 1 2015, he talked about how this reconciliation process will require ALL Canadians … Continue reading

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