Being from Canada has allowed me to explore my world without the baggage that comes from enduring tolerance on a path to acceptance in life. Tolerance and acceptance are so extremely misunderstood. Canada was founded on acceptance. Starting over in a more brutal untamed land, accepting all people, simply because they are people, learning and sharing with them, and with the aboriginal people so we all could share and learn together. Of course it wasn’t easy Europeans then Asians, the refusal to work with the aboriginals. Slavery of the Africans & South East Asian people and removing the bonds, accepting and welcoming other cultures who came here for all kinds of  reasons, just for a new start in a new land. Tolerance on the other hand is forced acceptance because present circumstances leave you no other choice, hence the baggage that comes with growing through tolerance.

Since I am proud to be Canadian most of my views are from that perspective. Although technically we didn’t form as a nation until 1867, most of who we are was set long before that. Actually even before the 13 Colonies(the early USA) was established. Probably the mid 1700’s is when the Canadian psyche began to emerge. Solidifying after the Seven Years War. It began with the exploitation through exploration, as all new countries do but with the cast of characters, our merging almost became mandatory because of the conditions and with a leadership that became weary of war allowed for this accepting society of multi-ethnic origins, and diverse social backgrounds. The defense of who we were in the face of tyranny came first, post Seven Years War, Louis xiv, the King of France turned his back on his people in this new world. Understanding they created the first successful settlements, they deserved better so the new English Governor defended the right of the secondary settlement to continue and had the original settlement dismantled and banished the citizens.  They were the Acadians, since most of our ancestors came from countries with a tyrannical base, our stand against tyranny has remained steadfast. They were allowed back some decades later with an apology and protection under the law for their culture and way of life. Today’s Canada still carries these fundamental principles, sadly societal despondence is destroying everything our ancestors built.

~*Its time to kick some Canadian back into these despondent butts*~


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