Setting The Record Straight

While in a conversation on twitter I was shocked that someone would attack you directly without even knowing who you are … LOL SILLY ME! This is just 3 quotes.

~*#Islamiphobia is fiction. It’s not an “irrational fear” when you considering everything they’ve done/are still doing.

~*Not surprise that someone with no fucking clue about the Qur’an and Islam would say that. Just a paranoid, anti-West

~*BTW, you’re a “pagan mystic”? FFS, a man your age shouldn’t be acting like a teenager. Grow up and educate yourself properly

LOL Why do I have to bring out the best in idiots and this marvel of twitter calls himself “superman” <chuckle> These are just 3 of his tweets just for li’l ole me before he blocked me … it was like OH DAMN MAN! I wanted sooo badly to follow him … he is so S M R T and such a solid edumacation how could you not, right! Anyway I had to make the note to link to twitter simply because so many are so frightfully and terminally addicted to the nonsense the major networks call news … its like ouch.

Let’s deal with Islamiphobia 1st now superman here seems to think it’s fiction, okay as all phobias it is an irrational fear. Just the way he ended the tweet he makes that very clear, “when you considering everything they’ve done/are still doing“, if this doesn’t demonstrate an irrational fear it definitely reeks of extreme paranoia. here’s a story that not only doesn’t support what superman said, but it affirms he is in denial and violently unrepentant, these ridiculous assertions are going right across the country. With our news media unwilling to publish the facts while most of these stories go unsaid because they will shoot themselves in the foot with the irrational BS they use to condemn both Islam and the Muslims that honestly practise their faith and do great works in their communities. What moved me the most is that the whole community banded together to clean-up and repair the Mosque and I am sure it happens in all these communities because Muslims are good people. Close to a third of my friends are Muslim, but then again according to superman, I am “someone with no f…ing clue about the Qur’an and Islam“. Yup! that is the 2nd quote.

Since I don’t understand such things, well, what was it, OH! YEAH! I have no f…ing clue<chuckle> … umm let me see; the Qur’an is the 4th of 4 books that define Islam, lets look at *book#1 Tawrat (also Tawrah, Taurat) is the direct Arabic translation of Chaldee (pre ancient Hebrew) for Torah (Judaism) which is the 1st 5 books of our Old Testament (true Christians) cool huh! *book 2 Zabur another direct Arabic translation (pl. of zibr. From the Hebrew zimrah, meaning music, melody or song) or the Old Testament Psalms more specifically the Psalms about King David 51 or 52 of them, he was touted as the “MOST JUST” of all the Kings. Some do use it to cover all the Psalms and in or rare occasions use it to cover the parts of Isaiah dealing with King David as well. WOW eh! again ALL the Western Mass Media will NOT do a full expose` of Islam because their own story will show them up as 2 faced hypocrites whose own “narrative” is designed to foster distrust leading to what we see today animosity and hatred, ie: Islamophobia. At the end of this para I will discuss this further, but for now, *book 3 of the Islamic Holy Books, The Injil. This book is by far the most interesting, translated from Arabic in means “Good News” I hope that sounds familiar, it should the Injil is know by the Messianic Jews and true Christians as the Gospel the 1st 4 books of the New Testament, Gospel, translated from Koine Greek also means Good News. Yes there is very little between the beliefs of the Islamic Muslims and the Hasidic Jews and they only differ from the Christians and Messianic Jews is we believe Jesus is a part of God and we accept him as our saviour. Since the altra brain superman seems to know Islam and the Qur’an so well I am utterly shocked this totally escaped him. Where the Qur’an is concerned, Muhammad (PBUH) made it very clear in the Qur’an that ALL 4 books are on equal standing because they were ALL handed down from the hand of God coincidently God translated into Arabic is Allah. This acceptance is also for those that worship these other books as they to worship the 1 and only true God.

Like I stated probably a third of my friends are Muslims. Now, for those unsure Muslims are those that practise the Islamic Faith. If you follow ALL the Western Media stories it is unescapable to understand how evil and twisted Islam is hmm, and in major of violent outbreaks the US State Department feeds the fury our media uses to fan the flames of hatred. So lets now look at what Islam is, rather what we are expected to accept. Closing out the issues with what the Qur’’an says and doesn’’t say. We are told that anyone who is NOT Islamic is an infidel and must convert or die, we are told that women and children (girls in particular) are worse then livestock and are treated that … according to the Qur’’an everyone that has done this have not even offered the Qur’’an entries to substantiate their claims. It is floated on hate propaganda sites in social media where it finds its way into blogs and multimedia sites uninvestigated or research, because the terrorists, extremists and radicals see this and the fear and paranoia it generates they use it as a tool, but it is so far away from mainstream population it can not even be used as a point of interest within that society. These nasty groups are so far displaced they are not even Muslims or Islamic because they have to turn their backs on Islam and the teachings of Muhammad, Jesus & all the Prophets of the Old Testament to do what they do… just like the KKK, Skinheads and White Supremists are ignorant (as in: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated: “he was told constantly that he was ignorant and stupid”; synonyms: uneducated unknowledgeable · untaught · unschooled) the basis of their hatred.,0,0,1,0,0 This is 2 entries from the Qur’an they also have another 2 references to further define the message. All Bibles do the same thing. Like a 7 to 15 second sound bit in the news can not possibly give you any realistic view of news, the messages we receive about lifestyle can not be explained in 1, 3 line verse this is the way it has always worked but yet everyone gives more credibility to a hate and fear mongerer for taking bits and peices warping and twisting it while we focus on the hate and fear mongerers on the other side exploit those misconceptions. This is where the media gets involved and tells the world it’s about hatred between between Christians and Muslims without any research (I guess today they don’t have to do research because reporters and anchors use what’s known as the reporter’s narrative it takes the place of ethical responsibility & integrity). I will be discussing this more later but please do, keep thos in mind.

Look at the numbers, there are just over 1B Muslims, this we don’t hear very often because of what is coming. According to the CIA, MI6, Mossad Interpol, Canadian Military Intelligence & RCMP and South Asian Analysis Group (SAAG) among others including Arabian Peninsula there is estimated between 250,000 to 350,000 terrorists, radicals and extremists, the western media has focussed in on this only because alone it is or seems like such a huge number and it’s easy to spin skewing the numbers. When you do the math it turns out to be .25 to .35% of the total population NOT EVEN half of 1% are the problem, while our media gives them more then 90% of the coverage. With the spun published numbers combined with the failure or education system, lowering standards to meet the US standard it becomes easy to sow the seeds of hatred and animosity simply through fear and paranoia, case in point, superman… tada. To close the circle of paranoia our news networks use paid fear mongers on their panel discussions to give the appearance only, that this monstrous group of 250,000 to 350,000 are in part, your neighbours then it is flooded through the airwaves, multimedia systems and social media further exaggerating the issue and creating waves of fear and paranoia that conspiracy groups pick up and run with.

Finally the 3rd quote … LOL a personal insult taking the conversation from 0 to -20 in just milliseconds. Rather than looking in to it or even asking Mr. Wonderful <LOL> superman decided to reflect on his ignorance because he involves himself in conversation he knows nothing about, and to reflect from that he chose to launch a personal attack in hope he could embarrass me … this was, for me, absolutely pathetic even when I was bullied in school, I just ignored it, I had friends that were very close and supportive so I was never experienced the fear most people do, also with the cross-section of friends I had & the trust of, fear was not a point of paranoia, it ushered in the need for more inner strength to ward-off the fear therefore the bully had no real power. Hmmm, kinda like here. He decided to try to ridicule me for my user name “paganmystic” well as I was going through Jr. High and High School in conjection with some courses I followed the peasant populations of Europe now for those that don’t know peasant in Latin is pagan. Now, sadly the negative connotations pertaining to peasants in Europe were church based ignorance and paranoia in order to subjectify the masses under their authority, 1st by the Druids then the Roman Catholic Church. It is most unfortunate that in 2015 supposed educated people can still carry that paranoia and ignorance not the mention using it in an attempt humiliate someone. Mystic is pretty much the same thing, with how it was used to belittle someone. From Greek, mystic has a meaning as both an adjective meaning concealed or hidden converts to Lain as occult; hidden or unseen (doctor looking for occult (hidden) blood in bodily function). 2nd & 3rd have meanings in spirituality, magic & the fantasy realm. It is also a Greek noun meaning a philosopher with an extra-ordinary desire to speak with God. Upon asking, the title given to me my a couple street kids I was working with is peasant philosopher or paganmystic, I don’t know but that should something to be proud of, superman the marrrvelous critter he is, calls himself man of steel, why I have been calling him superman, a comic book character that speaks more to his ego than anything else. And I need to grow up hmmm. At least I choose the learn about what I speak on rather than get led around by the nose regurgitating the manufactured news spewed by our national networks


About paganmystic

Knowledge and the effort expended to acquire it, is a very powerful source of energy in life. More so than most people, I will always attest to that. Anyway, as you saw in the “About” my blog and Hello World the depth of what I am interested in, is second only to the desire I have for the information. It creates its own challenges as well, with so many sources sometimes it is difficult to accept so many conflicting issues. This challenge is what has driven my desire for knowledge. When I went through school the teachers I had only spurred on my curiosity with their teaching styles it generated the want to know more I was fortunate enough to have a number of them perceptive enough to see that I had the desire and today I feel like I still have way too much to learn. That is why I have so little patience for people who beak off about something and they have such little understanding of what they are talking about.
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