The Damage Unions Do (where there is no check and balance system)

This is a discussion on CTVs Question Period, using the Hubub debate engine. My view that union costs have made it impossible for me to fly, yes the is the Air Canada issue. The challenge is here if you wanna vote.

Facts, what facts? The link you posted was a CNN study of a flight from LA to NY using all US data only on the US industry, hmm, I hope you do realized that. I suggest moving to the US if you want to argue American statistics and “fact”.

Now into Canadian reality.  Let’s start with the government surcharges and taxes. So you will be informed as well, the government, between all levels is likely our largest employer. At all levels all government employees are unionized. Since the governments money is our tax money, it costs each of us. With the special programs (like airlines, ferries, ships) they have the latitude to assess per use surcharges as well. This offsets the union wages. Just to start, administering licensing, inspections, baggage and cargo handling, tarmac services, ticket agents, security, security threat assessment officials, are all union positions, all have to be and are paid. All your in-flight staff (pilots, flight attendants, tower services) all unionized, even the food served is supplied by unionized operations. Remember these prices passing from union operation to union operation are cumulative. Fuel costs everything from research and development to processing and delivery, literally dozens of unionized operations and each operations sells its stage to the next and has to show a profit. All those accumulated unionized wages. Updating and upgrading regional and international airports, not all but most construction companies that can handle these jobs are unionized, plumbers, electricians, mechanical engineers all their labourers are all unionized. The high tech equipment, well all the equipment, all unionized. These have to be mentioned because all this has to be budgeted with all costs spread over their break-even point, therefore all passed on. Then there is the aircraft industry, making the planes all the materials, right back to the mining and smelting operations forward all unionized and prices passed forward.  The advertising using ad agencies, yup, unionized costs that have to covered.

If all union wages and benefit were cut by 20% at the same time the resulting cost drop would require a completely reworked price scale.

I Find it curious how unions always want more without discussing how much the other unions are costing us.  This same breakdown is occurring in Health Care, Education and all Government Services.


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