Healing Iraq (Making A Democracy)

This was originally posted in windows live July 2008, the June 2007 date was the reference for when it was posted in Talk City it official public release date. Early research began during the 1st Gulf War to free Kuwait. The bulk of the research and organizing it happened when the US began preparations for their illegal assault on Iraq in 2003. The delay in public release was to allow Canadian Government, our local news media and opinions of those close to me. As I expected only my family and friends commented on it. Not one word from the government or news media.



I have been watching the events in the Middle East for years. It has always been difficult for me to understand why so many of the world’s leading nations continually meddle in the affairs of other sovereign countries. Case in point, Iraq. Current knowledge has exposed that an American agent passed on fabricated information about Hussein’s ability to create WMD(weapons of mass destruction). There is now enough released knowledge to know it was fabricated by the higher levels of the current Bush Administration, they also knew they had to remove Senator Wilson from the defense committee, so they also jeopardized the job and life of his wife, a CIA operative. This precipitated the position they now find themselves in. When George Bush Sr. wrote his memoirs he clearly stated three reasons why his government did not pursue the Iraqi troops to Baghdad during the first Gulf War to liberate Kuwait. Mr. Bush Jr. proved his father’s assertions were correct, this however is passed and now it appears as if it is time for a radical approach to Middle Eastern Affairs to enable the international troops to develop an exit strategy. Using my nation’s (Canada’s) apparent ability to foster, successfully, multiculturalism and with our armed forces unreported successes in their efforts to bring Afghanistan closer to democracy, I have tried to apply that to the fragmentation within the cultures in the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the current situation, Iraq was the most obvious choice. However, since this was first written we have seen the dissolving of western backed, intolerant regimes. This is not just in the Middle East but in south west Asia, escalations in the Pacific Rim and eastern Asia as well as Africa and South America. This blog is based on what all the groups have in common, in their respective countries and having them come together for that reason, that way they will be able to work with their differences as a means of making their provinces or regions distinctive rather than having the differences serve as a wedge, driving them apart. It does have a widespread application as a template even though it uses Iraq as the example. Hindsight has shown that supporting one distinctive group over another only generates animosity and contempt allowing chaos to reign. Again, Iraq is among the best example of this, with the Bathe Party (made up of Sunni Muslims from central to north-eastern Iraq) holding power, it was possible to exclude the Shiite Muslims in the south (allied with Iran through faith) and the Kurds to the north and north-west (Turkish descendents), hence the turmoil between the 3 main population groups, allowing the extremists in the omitted cultures to influence the day to day events with insurgent activity; more often today, warfare. What I am proposing does exactly opposite and the innovation should bring all the sides to the table. Where there are multiple influences in a culture, all those influences need a voice or everyone suffers. With current events as they are today, I am sure I don’t have to explain this further.

*We were all created equal. That is true, so why are some people more equal than others. Even though I am Caucasian it doesn’t make me any different than anyone else. The difference for me is that I was raised where it is understood that all life has to be respected so why do some groups of people feel they are superior. Personally, I think it is because some people grow up with an inferiority complex. At a young age they are taught to fear others; not like them, this diminishes all people intellectually and emotionally, it also creates what we see in the world today; fear and loathing, the perfect recipe for a society to build on ignorance and superstition. When this paranoia becomes accepted by a society, it becomes like an untreated cut, it gets infected and festers, eventually like a disease it spreads. When this becomes accepted by a government or a leadership group overseeing others it changes the mentality of the group. That same irrational fear becomes hatred and prejudice. Education has always been the cure because knowledge always removes superstitious based fear. When I look at the world today I do understand how much of the world is ruled by ignorance and that is a shame. The worst part of it is, the one country that claims to be the most informed is setting the most horrendous examples of fear and paranoia. That is why they are loathed the world over. It’s not because of jealousy. It’s because of the fear and suspicion by which they treat others.
Before I can generate a white paper on helping to heal Iraq. I must tell you about an hour I had June 5, 2007. First I am a Christian and a true believer that Christ is my Saviour. That means from the time I wake to the time I call it a night the only 2 rules that I obey on a general basis are:
– Love, God with all your heart mind & soul
– Love, your neighbour as yourself
It’s funny if you consider the laws of man, they are rigidly structured on this premise. Oops! Anyway, June 5th. I went to a Muslim prayer hall, After what happened in Toronto, the Toronto 18, with the Imam of the Mosque stating that the extremists were not Muslim, what they did is contrary to their beliefs so he wasn’t going to protect them as Muslims. So between this and the evil rhetoric coming out of the U.S. about Muslims I decided to check it out myself, and you know what? Even though there are differences between Christianity and what Muslims believe, they can be over come. These differences are not as huge as we are lead to believe, now again that is true Christianity not one of the many paganism based religious sects currently claiming to be Christian. No, not to worry, I won’t become an Islamic Muslim anytime soon. This is what most people don’t understand, because they were raised under the same fearful rhetoric that lives off of the adage that; self-worth is equal to personal gain. I can understand how the people of the Arabian Peninsula feel about the constant intrusions in their lives. The same animosity exists for me because people will always fear what they don’t understand. Specifically my entrenched desire to understand those things around me, unfortunately doubt will continue to foster and feed irrational fear to spite the knowledge we have available to us.


The Healing of Iraq

There is no easy way of saying this, the western world is extremely decadent. So the Muslim world, given their modest lifestyles, can honestly believe this as a point of fact, from the view of lifestyle rather than a religious viewpoint. Those who would argue this either live under a rock or have very convincingly lied to themselves. Our world(the west) is one of excess. Some however, have chosen to live a much more meager life, those who have, have seen many things in their lives that has made them more contrite. When you have a western government with their spoils arbitrarily decide you must follow their example is shameful and can also be viewed as the vary essence of tyranny. Arabs have a proud history even though it was based on extreme violence from around 600 to just after the Crusades. This is when the Arab people under Mohammad pushed back against the Asians and Europeans that had subjugated them and their lives. Enter today and the new 20th century powers, well we actually never really learned anything. All we got was new kids on the block with the games remaining the same, with a more twisted outlook, instead of those being subjected to the tyranny of outsiders, the outsiders placed into power a western oriented dictator to do the dirty work for them. Now to get a piece of the action these dictators visited even more terror on their own people. This in turn lead to the people turning to a more radical fundamentalism. This, like most religious beliefs were simply created by more educated, worldly people that should have lead them out of the fear and paranoia that controlled their lives. But again being more educated and more worldly they saw the profit in that. This is where I must state my personal beliefs because we all need to live according to how we view the world, we also trust without constant outside inference. Another shameful act has been to equate a Muslim culture to terrorists and extremist groups, that would be the same as someone outside Canada / U.S. denouncing us as all members of the K.K.K. or White Supremacist. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous… Well!! Having said that, with the relentless interference of the west, and established Asian cultures, the Muslim world appears to have adapted to tyranny imposed by extremist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc. as protection from western and Far Eastern exploitation.
Unless this dialog, my introduction, is opened there will be no healing on any front internationally. I also believe most Muslims, both Islamic radicalism and traditional will denounce their extremist protectors and their terrorist ways, (we have already seen the start of this, is anyone looking) if this dialog begins in earnest.

As I said this can be used as a template for establishing democracies so the Greater Iraqi Council can be replaced for places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, etc. This will leave the people in the loop. Provisional Governments can be set by the Greater Council assuring equal representation and limited to the setting of full democratic elelctions, the release of information to that end; the day to day provisional affairs of state; committee oversights to allow the people to input the peoples will over the proceedings and the allowance for international monitoring(only) at the committee level and open reporting of general affairs of state.


The Greater Iraqi Council



5 – Sunni
5 – Shiite
5 – Kurds
3 – Christians, those that fully understand and practice the teaching of Christ and follow only His ministry, not religious orders.
3 – each of major international groups, like the standard religions globally respected today and international help agencies with permanent establishments set up & Arabs as a visible minority not affiliated with the 1st three groups. (this group would later begin to diminish as the countries become more stable and self-sufficient, international organizations will leave continuing to strengthen both visible and non-visible minorities).

This group will establish the rights and freedoms, which all Iraqis will enjoy. Its make up has already been determined, with no outside meddling, the regional leaders and Mullah’s, who already have the respect of their people. After all isn’t that what was promised in the first place. I have yet to hear someone say, about the Iraqi’s, so what visions do you have. These are the only players that have a stake in what happens to Iraq. They are the ones that should decide its future. The Iraqi people from each group know who is best to lead their group. If they met in a secluded location, internationally guarded. They would have to learn to deal with each other first and then build an interpersonal relationship based on what they haven’t received from the international community as a whole. I have always maintained, “what we have in common holds us together and our differences should be celebrated”. In Canada we have been doing just that. To deny the Iraqis this opportunity to explore this of their own culture just reeks of hypocrisy. This is the only way freedom of choice can work. Since the international community, with their meddling, has always used those same differences as a wedge to prevent this from happening. This I believe is the only way democracy can flourish in the face of repression. Isn’t that what Iraq and the rest of the Middle East promised? Isn’t that leading by example? In recent weeks Canada has come under fire by Americans with a political agenda at home, by focusing on radical factions here, but they are everywhere and more vocal in the U.S. and Britain. If we had real representation here (in Canada) our multi-cultural heritage would be the pride of the world. The documents for establishing this constitution already exist and the first 2 are in use there, The Koran, The Holy Bible(red letter KJV), the third, however, would normally escape notice but it is a good document as it stands, unfortunately, it is not applied equally in the country it was written in and that is the American Constitution.

The Greater Iraqi Council, can then continue to serve as an Upper House or Senate, if you will, that will sign off on the Government bills and make amendments in accordance with regional sensitivities. I do believe democracy and security is in reach for the Middle East. International respect for the region must also be achieved and this proposal, I believe, will demonstrate that.


The current Iraqi Government


Chaos is currently the order of the day in Iraq. Nothing that was promised for the people has been realized. The responsibility for that must lie with the ill conceived plan at its onset. With the establishment of the Greater Iraqi Council the people of Iraq will first not believe it is going on but as the notion of its own constitution becomes real and knowing a time line is being used I honestly believe that they will respond with tremendous fervor. I also believe that they won’t only accept a national registry but a census as well. This will not only identify the Iraqis but will also show the extremists from the other Middle Eastern countries that have had full run, exploitive ability and unreasonable control over the poor situation that has been allowed to develop. All the Iraqis can and I believe will expose the external extremists if the knowledge they will have control over their own future. And if I’m not mistaken the Muslim belief will allow them to expose their brethren that use selfishness and greed to maintain the instability in the region. Once the census is done, a reasonably estimate of the population will be done and the outside Arab influence can be determined. By this time the Greater Iraqi Council will have completed enough of a constitution to enact it in part. With the census all the Iraqis and Iraq’s neighbours will know who and how many will be voting since municipal districts in a way exist the government will be mixed and the constitution will maintain workability. All that remains is the issue of security through the process and that would have to be a non-Arab, international force. I mentioned above why Arabs shouldn’t be involved. But I will reiterate, The Arab nations do authorize support their extremist population therefore if they provide the security whose with undue invested interest in the country will be able to continue exerting their influence on internal matters. International force also implies broad spectrum multinational force which will limit American, British, French and Russian influence as well.I can understand why a plan like this is feared. Iraq can still stand as a model of democracy in the Middle East without losing their Muslim identity. All people, their political views and religious/spiritual beliefs must be respected. If not we demean those we intend to help and that is always counter-productive. Plus the Middle East is a critical place on this planet. It is (I believe) the cradle of civilization, we all have a vested interest in protecting and preserving the people and culture.


* We were all created equal. That is true, so why are some people more equal than others?  

(sorry I couldn’t resist the George Orwell reference).

This is a paraphrased quote but does come from the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. When I was in Junior High School (middle school). It was required reading in English class. The novel explains how if you are raised under a communist regime and want to change it ultimately you will fall back into the same practice simply because it is all you know.

The same is true for all forms of control when people lead people. Even in a democracy, where control is based on one particular bias whether it be racial, religious or ideological, without society as a whole, being shared in its entirety will always be bigoted, intolerant, leaving them closed minded and fearful of change, thereby segregating society, leaving it fragmented and not unified. As a result the intellect in that society will also be fragmented and inflexible. Narrow minded changes produce the same narrow minded results.


Today, it’s easy to see this would have had merit, as a blue print though, it makes sense for countries wanting a democracy again today in Egypt, Tunisia, or anywhere that tyranny was used by repressive regimes and supported by foreign interests. Otherwise it allows the readers to see how the world can be better served when the personal whims of evil leaders around the world are removed from decisions that could put at risk, innocent people, their families, and way of life. The second Gulf War left the US Government under G.W. Bush as a band of international renegades and criminals. It was proved by their own supporters that they lied, not only to the American people but to the world. This was to the point of fabricating so-called proof of their allegations against Iraq to lure international support. It was also proved that they had committed treason by outing one of their own spies to remove a specific Senator from the head of the US Security Council. To be fair to the US they are not the only ones acting to destabilize the irrational regimes, for the average person in the western world we have had access to information for over 30 years but have refused to hold to account those in power acting in such an unsavory manner, to assure their own power.

I hope you enjoyed this; please feel free to share


About paganmystic

Knowledge and the effort expended to acquire it, is a very powerful source of energy in life. More so than most people, I will always attest to that. Anyway, as you saw in the “About” my blog and Hello World the depth of what I am interested in, is second only to the desire I have for the information. It creates its own challenges as well, with so many sources sometimes it is difficult to accept so many conflicting issues. This challenge is what has driven my desire for knowledge. When I went through school the teachers I had only spurred on my curiosity with their teaching styles it generated the want to know more I was fortunate enough to have a number of them perceptive enough to see that I had the desire and today I feel like I still have way too much to learn. That is why I have so little patience for people who beak off about something and they have such little understanding of what they are talking about.
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3 Responses to Healing Iraq (Making A Democracy)

  1. Rangers Ninty says:

    In the past few days, middle eastern countries had & are still experiencing a very crucial circumstances, they have been through hardships but nonetheless their efforts had given results, they made a good breakthrough. their unity is far different than our thoughts, egypt is the example that had proven its democracy.
    Afghanistan is a country with different group of ehtnicities as Semitic, aryan, mongols, turks, arabs, gujrs, persian, pashtoons,pashaee, aemaq and many other races I can’t name. In the past we had experienced bad racial conflicts among ppl, but it gradually became low as today we see some ppl live peacefully. The neighboring country won’t let us live our lives, they tend to bring different terminologies as we see today. Its such a mess. Hope our people could stop these silly interventions that makes no sense at all, our people have seen so much war, heard gunfires, rocketries, lost their family members, friends & their children in the past 25 years, they’re tired of conflicts, they need peace & prosperity, they don’t want their homes in flames of cruel fires, they cannot afford these voilenses. The 2 main neighbor country should understand our problems & leave us alone. They were & still are the cause beyond chaos. Enough is enough with the garbage. Hope one day our people stand up against them and make up our own government.

  2. Branko Milosevic says:

    I have never had any doubts that people would find a way to live happily together if yo leave them alone. They may not have consensus about everything every single year in every century but they would manage. Unless someone like us comes and tips the balance of powers in favor of destructive forces for the benefit of only us. Majority of these people are simple, apolitical and easy to convince that their differences are beyond repair no matter how trivial they could be. They have certainly never seen our parliament in works.

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