Rethinking Afghanistan? Why?

 The rethinking of Afghanistan has to be in terms of all of NATO to follow the Canadian Peacekeeping plan. A full governance policy with military support for keeping the insurgents at bay and forcing them out of the picture, this provides security for the PRTs, improves intelligence and leaves the radical Islamic Militants fragmented, leaving them about as lame as the White Supremists are here. If you think about it, there is very little difference in the mentality. That is also why our military mission must also be extended. The rest of NATO and the US only believe in siege warfare, how can they defend our government workers, civilian workers and volunteers, probably numbering near 10,000, when they don’t understand a true anti-insurgency operation.

This was originally posted as a reply to a blog here, Rethinking Afghanistan, a 6 part video blog. My reply was not posted so I figured I would fill it out and blog it myself. The trip from Kabul to Kandahar from late 2002-05, although very dangerous did demonstrate that as Peacemakers/keepers we still have the respect of those we help. The Afghan people only want their country.

The Taliban/Al’Qaeda hybrid is has only been a foreign militant organization created to fight the soviet invasion in the 80’s. The Taliban’s roots trace to the mountains and valley areas of Pakistan in the North & North West regions. Their relationship with Afghanistan is fairly complex. Prior to the Soviet invasion and involving the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Marxist-Leninist party began discrediting the Monarchy and then seized power (this took many years). There was also a political party of young Islamic Muslims. They viewed Afghanistan as a pure Islamic State under Sharian Law, like Pakistan was beginning to do. They received guidance from the Mullahs and Ayatollahs in Pakistan (the titles may not be correct).

These were only 2 of the many political parties in Afghanistan at the time (during the 70s), there was a mainstream democratic party, socialist democratic party (like our democracy), one each practicing the faith of the Shiite & Sunnah Muslims, Buddhism, etc. There were even many that remained loyal to the Monarchy. Today, the first 2 groups I mentioned set up where we are in the Republic. When the Communists took power, The Soviet Union sent troops in to support the fledgling Communist Party knowing the vast majority of Afghans would oppose them. They did, leading the resistance was the Sharian Law Muslims. Once the Soviet army dug in, it became obvious simple resistance tactics wouldn’t work. The Muslim group had become known as the Mujahadeen and called for a jihad against the Soviet aggressors. They began uniting the radical Islamic Muslims from all over the Middle East, south east Europe, Asia and Al’Qaeda from north central to north western Africa. This merger was also endorsed by the western world, which included broad spread media coverage of how beneficial it was and the specialty training of Osama Bin Laden and his inner circle (now apparently the head of the Al‘Qaeda forces) in urban guerrilla warfare. It worked. Then “we” the western world turned a blind eye to that same foreign hybrid, when it took over, forcing the Afghan people into a world of tyranny we DON’T accept. How in the heck do we call this good international leadership? We can’t!

What that 3 year trip did was prove that the Afghan people know who they are and have a vision of their future. As the Canadian led force moved south, they cleared IEDs, land mines and pushed the insurgents back, this can only be done on the ground, not with armed Preditor aircraft and strategic(?) bombings. When a tribal region was reached a team of Canadian military officials, diplomats and CIDA officials, would arrange for and get an meeting with tribal elders, the mission would lay-out their plan, listen to concerns of the tribal district and hammer out a plan in hours or mire days. The military moved through, clearing IEDs and start retraining the local militia to help protect the village and back door. When the clearing was done and the troops set post just south of village providing security, CIDA and the PRT moved in and using the tribal people, began rebuilding, from the greatest concerns first. With CIDA, were the peacekeepers mentoring the tribal militia and gather the info on insurgent supports, logging who they were and their contacts essentially silencing them and cutting off the insurgents. Sappers to capture if possible the IEDs or at least safely detonate them, clearing villages and main roadways. This would allow a reasonably safe means of beginning commerce between district tribal villages. Increasing the hope and support for a strong national government. The PRT also focused on establishing schools, public works (power, water, etc), organizing civilian workers for public works, teaching, assisting locals in getting micro-funding for businesses and allowing for open markets to return. With later funding the PRT added civilian policing (RCMP trained and mentored), this program as also available to men & women this meant training in the Law of the Land according to their constitution. This entire area was remapped and new district maps made after the US took over in 2005. They did it because of how strong the Afghan people were against the insurgency and whether it is their dependents on seige warfare tactics or inability to meet insurgent forces face to face either way they lost control of the areas we re-established by allowing Talaban operatives inside their much too large patrol zones. This was proved not once but twice in late 2005 when the main Canadian led force arrived at their objective south west of Kandahar City. First in Panjwai district the just east of Kandahar City. How Canadian mentored tribal militia lead by the ANA/ANP with Canadian rear forces as support laid waste to an insurgent attack 25 mile from Kandahar City when all the so-called experts claimed Kandahar City would fall if this scenario played out… well it did, but the insurgents never got out of the foothills. The second was when, the prison was breeched before Corrections Canada could secure it. The Canadian mentored ANA/ANP attacked the escaped insurgents (suspected), recapturing some, scattering and driving back the rest, fragmenting them into a useless position.

We, Canada, has the only true anti-insurgency force on the planet. That is why we are, as I said in the opening, respected by all those we help. Canadians have to remove the despondent attitude they have acquired and start wanting the truth of who we are.

Our nation news media outlets have been deliberately editing out of their stories what our full mission has been in Afghanistan, our National Political Parties are either putting up walls of silence, sitting on the fence, describing erroneous situations, to discredit our military (peacemakers/keepers), based on the continually pitfalls our allies in NATO and the US are running into because they seem to be at war with Afghanistan, not the insurgency. The groups linked below are working in Afghanistan or providing information about our full mission. All, I want to support but have been able to support only a few of them currently. Please check them out, they will give you a more accurate picture of the both the huge successes we have been having with helping the Afghan people and of course the problems they have been having. Then write your MP and the national networks to demand the truth and an explanation why we haven’t been given the truth of Canadians in Afghanistan.

Canadian Women 4 The Woman of Afghanistan

Achievements to date from CIDA

Development Projects-CIDA

The Canadian Approach in Afghanistan-CIDA

Canadian-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee

RCMP in Afghanistan

Canadian Action Group-Playground Builders

Canadian Playground Builder

RCMP in Kandahar prior to 2007

Life for an Afghan Policewoman

Canadian Children Act When No One Else Will


About paganmystic

Knowledge and the effort expended to acquire it, is a very powerful source of energy in life. More so than most people, I will always attest to that. Anyway, as you saw in the “About” my blog and Hello World the depth of what I am interested in, is second only to the desire I have for the information. It creates its own challenges as well, with so many sources sometimes it is difficult to accept so many conflicting issues. This challenge is what has driven my desire for knowledge. When I went through school the teachers I had only spurred on my curiosity with their teaching styles it generated the want to know more I was fortunate enough to have a number of them perceptive enough to see that I had the desire and today I feel like I still have way too much to learn. That is why I have so little patience for people who beak off about something and they have such little understanding of what they are talking about.
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15 Responses to Rethinking Afghanistan? Why?

  1. Rangers90 says:

    Hello Lance
    I Read Your Post Word to word and Can understand your point of view bout South-Afghanistan and its People. You put accurate info bout Radical insurgents but i guess the best way To bring the Country’s Unision is to cut off the supperstitious Connection of our Neighbor’s intermediary. Who use their Lousy tactics to Brainwash innocent ppl against eachother as i Seen many (paki, Tajikistan, arab Mullahs) giving Straying Speeches bout NATO guys, telling Us they R Here to invade our Country. rape our women, Steal Lithium and other natural resources. These stupid Speeches literally enrages every Afghan and Prompts them to take a Step to Spy and detain Government workers or any other guys who work in Foriegn organizations, I Saw how Badly those Taliban burn a House in our neighborhood. How cruel they happen to be, and uh I Cant really understand WTF are these Dutch/German troops doing Here in Baghlan? They happen to play SEESAW game with taliban. They run after them till the end of the river then Get back hurriedly totally exhausted. I Reported everywhere bout the Insecure SITUATION in Baghlan but no one seems to understand :(. For God Sake we dont have Phone connections after 6:00 pm and we cant even get out at this time, what if we have an emergency or a Patient Should we let the ill person die because taliban (hisb-e-islami) wont let us Go out, huh? Lol Support has to have a Common Sense Not these Insecurities we come up with. In 2009 election no one Could go to ELECTION areas to VOTE. Those who were gone were shot, some injured and some rested in peace. I dont know why do these things happen but am Sure its a biggest interfence of our neighbor Countries who vividly explain Their target (Shoot the NATO ALLIANCES) ahhhh sorry i Say so much but thats the truth. Got evidence and proof to what i Blubber. Thank You.

    • paganmystic says:

      thank you for your comment. What I have seen is that NO ONE is opening up public dialog and showing real Afghan people, and their concerns no one wants to put a personal face on their plight, their stuggle. Are you a member of facebook group, Friends of Afghanistan. If so start a discussion if Afghans ban together the insurgents will loss their power to manipulate the people.

      Oh yeah! you don’t blubber. you understand english good.

  2. wahidullah says:

    my name is wahidullah habibi iam from southern afghanistan (zabul province) now iam studying commerce in INDIA, before coming to india i used to work as interprter with US and then with CANADIAN troops in Kandahar province of Afghanistan , i had nice time with them i have good mem0ries of that time.

    • paganmystic says:

      Wahidullah. You are one of the main reasons why our military has had the success it has had. I am very happy for you, hopefully my efforts here will help our government to extend the military mission as well. The Afghan people are the only people that have the right to determain their future, not the Taaban/al-Qeada, not NATO or the US. Only the people of Afghanistan.

      So thank you very much again, for your assistance with our troops in service of your people.

  3. The topic is good, it articulates several aspects of Afghan war with a precise approach, but I should say the real picture of Afghan society social life and beliefs about ISAF is a still a bit different and it requires further discussion to investigate the real causes of this misconception and lack of trust

    • paganmystic says:

      Thank you Dr. Majrooh.
      I guess that is another reason why I have done this blog. 1st and foremost is to inform Canadians who have never known Afghanistan other than on world maps in geography class, about the plight facing your country. It is very generalized but most Canadians don’t hear the truth of how our mission works. 2nd, if needs be spell out to NATO that seige warefare is not anti-insurgency. This dialog has to be opened, I was not grasping at a straw when I mentioned our led 3 year mission south from Kabul to Kandahar. The dialog that was opened with the village elders can be and must be continued getting them together, even if it is a couple at a time. To start discussing what they have in common and find some way to celebrate their differences. Right now it would appear that all the outside factions, NATO and the extremist insurgents are using regional differences to drive a wedge of anomosity between them. So far the only examples of productive dialog has been mediated by the Canadian Military. It has proved most effective. I fear that if the Canadian Military Mission ends in July 2011 there will be a slow spiral downward that will end in Afghanistan’s tribal fuedalism being exploited and chaos will continue based only on fear and superstition.

  4. Rangers90 says:

    Finally My voice has been heard as a Cyber Guy, but thats Cool, atleast it’s Good than the Real one iam disgusted of. Well now am being questioned for not Letting NATO guys know about it? Wow our Soldiers R So Coward and Chicken hearted peepz, they Start to take Cheetah Steps after Hearing Some Gunfires. How the heck am i Suppose to Make them Rock? Yet they showed ignorance when i reported them bout TALIBAN burning a vehicle next to the Hospital, and What they Said to me back was: oh Boyy go Yell for fire-fighters cause itr Their Job Not ours, for me it was Pretty disappointing just because i was a Teenager & kinda Soft Spoken person? Fine i nevermind because am addicted to these unpleasant Sufference as i’ve been through them all the time. So sorry to Say that i Cant expose my name, pic as long as iam threatened to death each and every time. We live in a Suberban area Called “near Kokchenar” i was always mistreated because i have a Red-head and Green Eyes? Some ofOur neighbor used to call me (Russia’s bastard). And at Mosque i heard MULLAH saying (white Skinned, Red headed and Green eyed ppl R Enemy of Prophet Mohammad) which almost made me Cry”many times”. What a Stupid and Sly Backwarded Culture and Idiots i was Surrounded by. My DAD was Shot To death by Taliban Just 7 year ago when he was helping out innocent ppl from those Crackheaded dumbnuts. We moved to (Share-jadid) to our Uncle house. I have 2 sister and 1 brother. I am a MUSLIM and Can Understand What ISLAM is about. These Taliban Seems like Non muslims to me Somehow. I Remember the day when they chopped off 3 mens Fingers ‘just because they voted in the ELECTION’. Huhhhh how it might seem when U Get To see such terrible and inhumane Stuff with Ur eyes?? Hope is Nothing to deal with, in what Horrific condition we R in, i was hoping to be a Doc but how? When iam threatened each time. Insulted for being a Persian and a RED head. Cant go to Other province because im not able to Rent a House. ahhhh the reason i know english is i have a Nice Teacher in our Neighborhood, otherwise You Know! Okay again Thank You very much for listening to me 🙂
    Have a very Merry Christmas

  5. HAMIDI says:


    • paganmystic says:

      Hamidi sorry I had to adjust one word. It still makes the point. From what I have heard the south people in Afghanistan are just as much victims of the Taliban/al-Qaeda as the north. If they are hiding them or helping them it is not by choice. It is either through superstition or or fear. Mostly fear. Right now most of them can not even leave their home without fear of stepping on mine or IED. As I recall the Extremist Muslims that first brought in Taliban help from Pakistan was in the North West corner of Afghanistan. In the 1970’s. The were trained to live by Sharian Law, before Soviets invaded. They need the south because of the poppy and they will kill EVERYONE that stands in their way. North or South. One thing I said in blog as our troops moved south from Kabul, to Kandahar only one thing is very clear. ALL AFGHANS north and south want their country NOT TALIBAN/al-QAEDA. ranger90 and you have to understand fear and superstition is a good tool to control people, because you control the way they think. It is not what they want. Can we continue this in f/b group Friends of Afghanistan. In there there is people from north and south but all are Afghan people. If you all talk there you can find things you have in common and build on that. Only talking will find common ground and you grow and learn and respect each other from there, (sharing knowledge removes fear and superstition) making both stronger… together.

  6. Rangers90 says:

    I guess you misunderstand my point of view, the point was our neighbors interference in our Country, the southern part of AFghanistan has Good & bad, we can’t judge the whole nation because of some badass guys. here Before knowing the fullstory you made your own thinking, i know Pashtoons have good and bad just like persians. But the prob is: they speak same language like pakis, see Baghlan-Kunduz has many pashtoons and no 1 seems to have any race prob. We r panjsheer descendants living in a Shahre jadid district called (Panjshaeriya) where thousand of Panjshiris live Close to eachother. Yes Masoud struggled alot all he was trying was to make a Peaceful talk to our (Afghani talibs). And Kickout Paki and arab talibans. Remember We Are all afghans, pakistan-iran wants to make prob among pashtun,hazara,uzbak,persian etc. As they did in the past, u should never say such aggressive things bout our AFGHAN people. Peace

  7. Unknown says:

    سلام برادران
    طوریکه میبینیم وضح امنیتی کشور در چند سال اخیر بدتر شده میرود خصوصا در مناطق شمال گذشته از سالنگ و بسیارزیاد در مناطق جنوب ما که خیلی ناامیدکننده است. پاکستانی ها و انگلیس ها خیلی دست در بدبختی افغانها ما داشته اند. ما همه باید بجای جنگ و جدال درکوشش حفظ وحدت ملی خود باشیم و به مثل برادروخواهر یکدیگر را احترام نماییم. امید که یک روز افغانستان بهتروخوبتر خواهیم داشت. همکاری شما با پولیس ملی حتمی است قسمیکه برادر ما Rangers90 یاد آور شد به تاید او موافق ام. اگر افغانستان امروز خراب است از دست پاکستان ایران و دیگر همچو همسایه های بی رحم است. HAMIDI‏ خودت کوشش کن تا از قوم پرستی برآیی چون این همه سیاست است که ما را میجنگاند و خود پادشاهی میکند. وسلام….
    محمد نذیر فرحت

    comment is aparently in Persian

  8. Sabaoon Momaiz says:

    سلام برادران
    طوریکه میبینیم وضح امنیتی کشور در چند سال اخیر بدتر شده میرود خصوصا در مناطق شمال گذشته از سالنگ و بسیارزیاد در مناطق جنوب ما که خیلی ناامیدکننده است. پاکستانی ها و انگلیس ها خیلی دست در بدبختی افغانها ما داشته اند. ما همه باید بجای جنگ و جدال درکوشش حفظ وحدت ملی خود باشیم و به مثل برادروخواهر یکدیگر را احترام نماییم. امید که یک روز افغانستان بهتروخوبتر خواهیم داشت. همکاری شما با پولیس ملی حتمی است قسمیکه Rangers90 یاد آور شد به تاید او موافق ام. اگر افغانستان امروز خراب است از دست پاکستان ایران و دیگر همچو همسایه های بی رحم است. HAMIDI‏ خودت کوشش کن تا از قوم پرستی برآیی چون این همه سیاست است که ما را میجنگاند و خود پادشاهی میکند. وسلام….
    محمد نذیر فرحت

  9. Afghanistan is a rollercoaster ride for everyone involved with it. I remember when I first learned of Afghanistan I was still in my early teens, it was when the news showed a clip of Canadian soldiers carrying their fallen comerade on their shoulders towards that Hercules plane. It is unfortunate that my first knowlege experience with Afghanistan started that way but is seems the media only shows the bad and never really the good. I decided to research and expand my information on that country and I began cheering when I learned that a new school or hospital opened, tears came to my eyes the day I learned that women can drive there, sorrow filled my heart when we reached 50, 100, 150 milestones in casualties. Every time I listened, read, or watched a clip of Afghanistan I began to pick out the good from bad, weigh the pros and cons, and I learned that the pro’s were getting higher then the cons. I was angered when the mission was said to end in 2009, I became happy again when I learned that it was extended to 2011, and recently I was joyed to learn that it’s going until 2014 on a non -combat mission. You may ask why I supported these extended missions, it’s because I know the mission is not yet done there. We can’t just cut and run leaving the Afghan people behind to pick up the pieces of their shattered country. We can’t let the Taliban win this conflict, we can’t let our dead soldiers die for nothing at all, many of the fallen believed in the mission, they believed in the same thing that I believe. We just can’t leave, this is a long term committment and however tired we may be of seeing flag drapped coffins being carried by their sobbing buddies we have to keep in mind that that person in the coffin believed. I refuse to call the Afghanistan mission a war, as much as people like to think it is, we are not at war with the people we are in a conflict of the struggle over power with the Taliban. It breaks my heart that the Afghani’s don’t even have knowlege of whats going on in their country or why these strange people showed up in 2001, many of them didn’t even know about 9/11. I can’t believe these people have been living in conflict for 30 years now, there’s whole generations that can’t remember, or don’t know, what it’s like to live in peace without fear.

    Unfortunately history is beginning to repeat itself, if you remember Rwanda we were supposed to go there to prevent something terrible from happening, a General begged and pleaded for help, the world ignored him, the UN didn’t give a S**T, no one supplied him with what he needed, they couldn’t even get writting supplies when they needed to draft up an opperations order. The consiquence was a 1,000,000 genocide of the Tutsi population in the area. I recently watched a video of Canadian Soldiers in a small village North of Kandahar where they were supposed to go there to help the people and gain their trust. They took 12 water pumps, promised to fix them, returned all of them, only 2 were fixed. Why? The higher-ups in NATO couldn’t be bothered enough to find spark plugs for the pumps. They left the town a couple weeks later and no NATO forces have been back since. It frusterates me when the higher-ups can’t keep their word when it comes to the statement “Winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people” The soldiers want to help but the resources in order to help just aren’t there because somewhere up the line someone didn’t read the memo. As you may have heard shit runs downhill in the military.

    Sorry about the ramblings but that is my reflection on the current mission in Afghanistan.

    c/WO Dubois N.
    1955 RCACC Calgary Alberta
    (Working towards the Canadian Forces)

    • paganmystic says:

      Thank you Natasha. It sounds to me you will make a most excellent addition to our military.

      I was fortunate enough to have had a far richer education on main areas of the world through geography and social studies (well old enough anyway before much of the those courses were gutted). That is why I did the blog. Since most Canadians haven’t got any idea of what our full mission intails it bothers me so many are demanding our military out. That is why I stated our military has to stay there “outside the wire” to contunue providing security for those government and civilian workers, helping the Afghan people re-establish a direction for their country. I think our military mission should also be extended in 3 year blocks as well. From 2002 to 2005 (the road to Kandahar) and then to present it is also clear that the Canadian trained and mentored ANA & ANP are the elite of their forces, I mention 2 missions that show that. So our mission is continued to 2014 but for what. We are are ready doing that better than anybody. The difference is there will be far less security. Again as I said in the blog NATO and the US don’t understand our full mission there, a true anti-insurgency war, so how can they protect not only our people but the Afghans we are helping.

      Yes, I recall General Romeo Dallaire, rt’d (I also had to look up most of that, because our national medias’ ineptitude in reporting accurate “Canadian” work).

  10. Toshna says:

    Hi Lance,

    What you have written is amazing. I am very glad to learn that you are trying to educate everyone about the war in Afghanistan. I live by the phrase ‘There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ and therefore think that Afghans will not be feed for free. I do support Canada in Afghanistan and appreciate all the great work Canadians have done. They have opened doors to opportunities and education. But I will not deny the fact that if it was not for the war against communism Afghanistan would not be in the situation it is in today. And this war was fought by the West, in particular the United States. It was the United States that paid the Arab wahabis to go to Pakistan. The CIA helped these Wahabis to buy little boys and brainwashed them. What Taliban are doing is not Islam, you can confirm this with any spiritual muslim not political fundamentalists (they would say otherwise). Also the 9/11 was planned and the CIA was aware of it. I am 100% sure of that. This was used as an excuse to go to Afghanistan. Americans are so careless they dont even wish to know the truth. I have never seen in their entire history that an American would hold their government accountable for anything whatsoever. They never once asked their government that we pay so much in taxes who could you not provide security to our people. How was an attack like 9/11 possible?!

    So the US went to Afghanistan to take revenge from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and just as planned an predicted by everyone these groups went and hid in Pakistan. The United States knew this but did not bother confronting Pakistan. When foreign troops were being fired at the border of Pakistan why didnt anyone confront Pakistan that taliban are there? Then finally after 10 years and efforts from 38 countries Osama was found and btw he was not arrested but shot. Why wasnt he arrested and like Saddam Hussien brought to court? and the funny thing is that his body was also dispposed and hence no evidence of his existence was actually proven. But the crazy smart Americans bought that story and are making a movie on it today.
    And the CIA is paying for the movie and giving the full story to Kathryn Bigelow so that there are no secrets kept ;)! Stupid Americans that will watch this movie once made will view their nation as being ever superior and themselves as very smart for punishing the worlds most dangerous terrorist. What a JOKE!

    OMG. I have so much to say….but will keep my opinions for later. Right now I will share a soldiers experience and admit that I have lost hope.

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