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Welcome to the peasant philosopher’s world. My views come from an interesting perspective. The education I received was well rounded in some cases the teachers were passionate about their work to the point that it built a desire to understand more then they had in the curriculum,  so I decided to follow up on what I learned during my formative years in school with my own research. It includes biology, leading to a well versed understanding of genetics and epigenetics, in all its facets, diet, nutrition, the body, related lifestyle rebuilding psychology. Physical, emotional and mental adaptation to grow life, yours and those around you. In turn helping others to make real and meaningful and comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Geography and sociology, studying various cultures from their land base to industrial. Most of which was through eastern, south central Europe, the Middle East and Asia Minor from the Indian sub-Continent through the *stans. knowing where you are from in the world gives you a family history, where you grow, as you learn, is your life. Most countries in the world have grown by cross-cultural mixing. According to the Supremacists, this cannot be possible… ROFL. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh but it becomes obvious that ignorance, not superiority creates radical  fanaticism regardless of race or belief. The truth would seriously destroy their irrationality considering the most excessive extremists are the ignorant ones, above them are the selfish educated ones that make money off their hatred. This applies to both racial supremacists, and those of radical belief.Most people, in for profit and non-profit think tanks and institutes (yes not institutions… although) including news based reporting view these 2 subjects in current affairs as based on understanding that the US, as a Capitalist Democracy, is a level playing field for rights, freedoms and fairness within a single society. This is where our educational system has failed, in Canada, because fairness and equality are not on a level playing field in any Capitalist system. It is just as biased as a Totalitarian Dictatorship (what we know by the misnomer, Communism). True, they are geometric opposites, but they give the same results on a societal level. A small percentage of people reap the benefits of Capitalism (the 1% from the US Occupy Movement) the rest live a life of servitude (the US Occupy Movements 99%). A Totalitarian Dictatorship gives you exactly the same result. Socially a Capitalist society has freedom of speech (the freedom to depose the things you feel are wrong vocally), freedom of the press (same as last except the deposition is in print) these freedoms have also been used to virtually enslave free men and women. Under a false notion known as the American Dream, people are kept content knowing they too will be rich one day. This becomes the travesty, working their tail off under the guise of this notion in reality they are being stripped of their dignity their health then their life, while being lead to believe, they will be like the 1% one day. Who I am as a Canadian, knowing that we are unique in the world, unlike our American brethren our complacency is a strength, being satisfied with who were are allows to keep moving ahead. Sadly the other serious issue in sociology is the detrimental effect the union movement has had on Canada since the 70s.

Then the other big subject, the misconception that Christianity is a religion. Let’s see that would mean virtually every western religion is Christian based oh, yeah and don‘t forget the Eastern Orthodox religions all based on Catholicism … NOT!!! There is only 1 Christianity and it has nothing to do with any current or past religion. I am not a bible thumper nor will I accept any man made theological doctrine from which all religions base their faith on. I follow only one, it was upon his teachings from which the religious systems were developed to mislead many. Does that sound familiar. For one who accepts there is a God, knows this. Only a true believer actually understands how the Gospel (yes that would the 1st 4 books of the New Testament) relate to Romans 5:10b. Religious people stand scratching their head with a dumb look on their face but a real Christian will answer that because the answer is written on their heart, memorization not required.

~*Your opinion is important to me, just don’t be rude or crass about it.*~



About paganmystic

Knowledge and the effort expended to acquire it, is a very powerful source of energy in life. More so than most people, I will always attest to that. Anyway, as you saw in the “About” my blog and Hello World the depth of what I am interested in, is second only to the desire I have for the information. It creates its own challenges as well, with so many sources sometimes it is difficult to accept so many conflicting issues. This challenge is what has driven my desire for knowledge. When I went through school the teachers I had only spurred on my curiosity with their teaching styles it generated the want to know more I was fortunate enough to have a number of them perceptive enough to see that I had the desire and today I feel like I still have way too much to learn. That is why I have so little patience for people who beak off about something and they have such little understanding of what they are talking about.
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